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d_rifter [userpic]

It's thime for...


piccies!Collapse )

I didn't have onions or garlic, but I had garlic powders, so I looked for them in the spice cabinet and used a powder that had garlic, onion, and black pepper and used plenty of that instead. :D I also used two kinds of cheese and added chilli powder.

IT WAS DELICIOUS. And filling. I could barely eat more than a bowl's worth. I'm still stuffed. (Though watermelon would be really nice right now.)

And thus ends teh Kenshi Cooking Speshul. :D

Her Mossiness [userpic]

... for me to be on with no sleep. Seriously. I should just go to bed.

But, see, I'm addicted to those DAMN online quiz-thingies. To the point that when this is my question and answer, I just crack up and then suddenly feel really drowsy:

9. How much effort do you put into your looks?

a) I wash my face everyday, and wear clothes.

Also, this wasn't my answer, but...

6. What do you like to do in your spare time?

c) I love writing, painting murals, saving burning orphanages, acting, volunteering, giving inspirational speeches, riding motorcycles, dunking basketballs, and/or composing symphonies.

But see, the thing is, its really not that funny. I'm just stupidly overtired. Yeah.


I was also driven to making THIS. The artwork is by David Shrigley, the original caption is 'Time To Choose;' however, I felt it was appropriate, since there were three of us, it would signify... ourselves, standing at the entrance to this LiveJournal. Ahem:

So... which one are you?

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Her Mossiness [userpic]

A Daily Prophet
You scored 65 cynicism, 68 gullibility, and 47 heart!

You are a rare breed, torn between wanting to trust in the clues before
you, but apprehensive of being led astray by them. Your emotional
connection to the book characters doesn't particularly play a large
role in your predictions for how the series will end, although you may
identify with one or two, likely either Hermione or Lupin. You have a
fairly low tolerance for Harry's teen angst, and probably don't like
Ron much at all. You have one of two pet theories that are directly
contradicted by canon, but you still believe in them. You will argue
fiercely against at least one major conclusion of the Half-Blood Prince, and don't expect the Trio to survive the war intact.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 77% on cynicism
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You scored higher than 79% on gullibility
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You scored higher than 9% on heart
Link: The Predict the Last Potter Book Test written by beyond_pale on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Not sure what I think about the Trio surviving intact/not; I don't think they'll all DIE/one or more will die, necessarily, but... they sure as hell aren't coming out UNSCATHED.

L... L... L -- LUPIN! *bawls* Oh please god, KEEP HIM SAFE.

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d_rifter [userpic]

icons weeCollapse )

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Her Mossiness [userpic]

Yeah, so, uh, hi.


I made these fun, GENERIC icons, using a detail from a Stephanie Pui-Mun Law painting. (Go to www.shadowscapes.com to see more of her art, I think she's fantastic.)

But yeah, nothing says WHY HALLO THAR like a nice, generic icon! Here we go:

1.     2.

Yeah, that's it! :D


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d_rifter [userpic]


So. I visted devart_horrors for a late night/early morning trainwreck. LO AND BEHOLD I find this entry which of course makes another note on the ever-so infamously famous SnapeSnogger's journal entry.

What it says:

Warning: Full journal text. May or may not include angst/emo/whiney-ness.Collapse )

...I swear. I'm so going to make a GIANT crit of her work RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE so EVERYONE can see it just to see how'd she react to it. Promises to link when that happens.

d_rifter [userpic]

So. Anyway. :D I finally got to Orbis (yay!) and started training in the tower and all that snazz. ANYWHO.

three screenies, babes!Collapse )

And thus ends my MS rant for today. :D

In other news, I leveled to 25. Woot. HELLO THAR LEAF EARRINGS! :D *hugs their +50MP!*

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d_rifter [userpic]

Note: these images are large and may take awhile to load.

some really old artCollapse )

They're all pretty wtf material in my mind. XD;

d_rifter [userpic]

The internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS.


Mmm... da_horrors + DA = DRAMA!!

Also, an awesome thread from the journal just in case the journal gets deleted:

Because discussing tactics of an internet battle TOTALLY MAKES SENSE.


Some of the pages:
First page
Next (25)
Next (75)
Next (100)
Next (125)
Next (150)
Next (175)
(I made a mistake while saving the pages, so I just fixed the names here instead of the actual file name.)

Man. And I'm REALLY curious now on what was after those pages. :(


DA_horrors' take.
DA_horrors' take, page 2.

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Her Mossiness [userpic]


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