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January 2007
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d_rifter [userpic]
Apartments + Life

So. Yes. Copied and pasted everywhere for your enjoyment.

Anyway. I'll be moving soon. Thing is, I'm moving THIS SUNDAY, meaning tomorrow. I probably won't be online much Sunday or Monday, but I'll be officially moved in on Tuesday. Tuesday will be mostly unpacking, so I might not actually be online until later that night.

It's so strange that my life is being packed into a kajabillion boxes... Three right now are ready to go to the apartment, and five are ready to go to the new house. (My family is moving to Irvine, and I'm off ot the apartments near my school.)

Gods do I have a lot of stuff. @_@ I feel like I've only packed 75% of my shit. My mom keeps telling me off about cleaning, but too bad for her I'm not exactly going to be honestly listening to her "critique" of me. (Bitch won't stop comparing me with my brother. I wish she'd just STOP IT. -_-'' )

...this actually brings up a very important quote by Rumi that was given to me by a rather interesting person from the Art Institute a year or so ago.

"If you treat someone as they are, they become less of who they are. If you treat someone by the potential that they could be, then they will become greater than they are."

I find this so true~. But anyway, getting off topic. APARTMENTSHITS.

Anyway. yes. I'm moving. I'm taking my RoD and my red filing folder too. My red filing folder contains a lot of misc shits, like white paper, scraps, line paper, Blue Blood, Si Vis, and dreams/ideas/concept art that I've had collected over the ages. I'm taking like half my manga collection, too. Most of my older art is going to the house. I'm taking my most-listened to CD's.

I have no idea what to do with my wings. I want to sell them for cheap on the web to anyone who can fix them and wear them since I want to make another pair of wings that simply don't suck as much. (They're already starting to fall apart, too.) I don't have a paypal yet, though. Fortunatelly I'll be setting that up soon (after I move and get settled in) and begin selling my shit online as well.

Eeehhh I guess that's it. Cya Tuesday. :B


Oohh man. That's actually really cool. :O At last! A Yami/Yugi cosplay that actually gives the anime some JUSTICE.

I'm complaining about her setting expectations for me that aren't exactly in my character to accomplish and acheive, simply because it's not in my nature to go the way of... whateverthehell she's expecting of me. D:/